. Receipt & transfer of cargo rules and transportation rules for clients: - Карго-смр

  1. All cargo must be packed properly. The packaging must meet the requirements of transporting cargo in containers. Fragile goods must be protected with wooden or metal frame, battens. Additional charges may be applied for this service to the discretion of the carrier.
  2. The clients are obliged to provide a detailed description of each box contents with an indication of all range of goods, item-by-item weight, brand and full characteristics of each box or the entire batch entirely. The client takes full responsibility for providing incorrect information. If during customs clearance, an undeclared product or a product that doesn’t correspond to the description is seized with penalties, it is issued to the client (vehicles and containers idle time).
  3. When the cargo arrives in a warehouse, the carrier checks the weight, volume and number of pieces (boxes, suitcases, pallets). If the actual data differ from the calculated data that is provided by the client or supplier, the carrier can change the stipulated price. If the client does not agree with data provided by the carrier (the weight, volume), they can check it personally when the cargo arrive in a warehouse in Odessa.
  4. When the cargo arrives in a warehouse, the carrier is obliged to issue the cargo acceptance receipt to the vendor (vendor representative) and the vendor (vendor representative) is obliged to demand the receipt with the indication of the name, number of pieces, weight and volume of the batch. The receipt (the hard copy or photo) is proof of acceptance of cargo in number of pieces indicated in it to the carrier’s warehouse and the fact that the cargo belongs to the client.
  5. The carrier is not responsible for the inner contents of the box (suitcase, pallet) if there is no visible damage and the package integrity is not violated.
  6. The carrier is not responsible for the cargo safety, delivery time and finances in the event of unforeseen circumstances and (or) circumstances outside one’s control such as a tornado, typhoon, flood, protest, military activities, political situation, etc.
  7. The calculated price includes insurance compensation for the total loss of cargo in cases not related to the «unforeseen circumstances» indicated in paragraph 6 in amount equal to the invoice value, but not exceeding $1000 per cubic meter (from the calculation). If the cargo invoice value exceeds $1000 per cubic meter and the client wants to receive full compensation, the client must pay (confirm) insurance in the amount of 2% of the declared value before cargo sending. In case of partial damage, theft, cargo loss the carrier compensates for the damage in 100% of the purchase price after receiving documentary evidence (invoice for the cargo batch) from the supplier/manufacturer.
  8. The carrier has a right to reconsider the price if during cargo transportation to Ukraine the following have been changed::
    • customs duties and tariff rate at the legislative level
    • new import regulations, current regulations change for imported cargo to Ukraine

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