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As we own personal transport, we provide delivery from China to Chernivtsi in the quickest possible way. We are scrupulous about each order and take into account all clients’ wishes and requirements. There are no middlemen involved in cargo delivery from China, and it reduces transportation time and service costs.

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How we work:

  • Receiving the application
  • Consolidation and if necessary, additional packaging cargo in a warehouse
  • Cargo delivery from China to Ukraine
  • Cargo customs clearance in Ukraine
  • Cargo delivery to our client
  • Payment receiving

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Ordering delivery from China, you receive a service package, including transportation, customs clearance and legal services. Direct cooperation with foreign suppliers, our own transport, warehouses and long experience allow us to perform tasks of different complexity, offering partners the best price and the highest level service. Partnership with the Карго-смр transportation company is reliable, safe and beneficial.

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Delivery from China to Chernivtsi

If you need to deliver cargo without regard for a type, size and particular qualities, take advantage of international carrier Карго-смр. Our experienced specialists will plan the most suitable route, determine the transport type, which will allow us to offer you the lowest price and optimal delivery time.

Cargo delivery stages

  • Receiving the application. You can leave cargo delivery request from China to Chernivtsi via phone or in online mode. At this stage, all the details are discussed: the most efficient itinerary, transport mode based on a client’s demands and financial capacity, characteristics of cargo, the price is calculated.
  • Establishing a contract, including time of delivery, costs, volume and characteristics of transported cargo, etc.
  • Cargo is delivered to a warehouse in PRC, where it is consolidated, namely consolidated cargo is formed. By the way, consolidated cargo is one of the most beneficial ones. Before shipment, cargo is counted, weighed and it can be additionally wrapped, which is especially applicable for fragile and high-value cargo. Additional packaging from wood or carton allows to minimize damage risks and keep cargo in its original form.
  • Transporting to Ukraine by sea or air carriage
  • Customs clearance when importing foreign cargo into the country.
  • Cargo delivery from China to the warehouse in Chernivtsi or hand-delivery.

Which modes of transport are used for cargo delivery

Use air carriage if you need to receive cargo as quick as possible. Valuable, fragile products are delivered by air carriage. Delivery time is within 14 days. In spite of high efficiency, this mode of transportation is high-priced, so if you have time, it is more profitable to use carriage by sea, which has the following features:

  • Delivery time is within 35-45 days.
  • Moderate price.
  • Groupage.
  • The minimum number of actions when handling containers.
  • Carriage by sea of bulk consignment from China to Chernivtsi is high-grade safe.
  • Ability of transporting bulky, non-standard and dangerous cargo.

When calculating transporting services price, transport mode, cargo characteristics, size, weight, urgency and necessity for special services (e.g. packaging of high-value cargo, insurance, etc.) come into account.

Partnership with the Карго-смр company

If you’re doing business with PCR and want to take advantage of international delivery for transporting your cargo, we will deliver all and everything:

  • Equipment.
  • Auto.
  • Building materials.
  • Mass consumption products.
  • Food.
  • Personal possessions in case of moving.
  • Small parcels.
  • Pharmaceuticals and so on.

Benefits of cargo delivery with Карго-смр

Services of cargo delivery from China by Карго-смр has a number of benefits and advantages:

  • Full range of logistics services: route planning, packaging, insurance, consolidation, transportation, customs clearance.
  • We will inform you about the estimated price within several minutes.
  • We work with everyone: private clients, juridical persons, aspiring entrepreneurs, distribution networks, etc.
  • Long experience (15 years in the market), strong links with contractors, our own transport and warehouses allow us to offer our clients the best price.
  • Ability to track cargo movement via your personal account on the company’s website.

Cargo delivery from China with Карго-смр is a reliable and quick way to deliver the cargo to your city. Inquire the exact price of transportation by phone or through the form for electronic communication and order well-priced cargo transportation of any products.

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